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Challenge your mind with this relaxing Japanese puzzle game.

Also known as Takegaki, Slither Link or Loop the Loop, your
goal with LoopMaster is to create a single loop (or fence, which
is the meaning of the word Takegaki),  by adding segments
between the points on the board.

LoopMaster contains thousands of challenging puzzles in board

sizes from 5x5 all the way to 20x20. Zooming into the board

makes playing even the large puzzles enjoyable.

LoopMaster challenges you with three levels of difficulty: Dabbler

and Master allow you to complete the puzzle at your leisure, while the Twister level adds a challenging twist: As you build your fence, a twister will periodically wipe-out a random section. Can you build the fence faster than it gets destroyed? You have to try and see for yourself!


• 10,000 different puzzles designed by the awesome Atanas Georgiev, operator of, ensure that you will never run out of fresh puzzles

• Zooming allows you to play larger puzzles with ease

• Currently played puzzle is always saved so you can resume it at any time

• Choose from three simple visual themes

• Simple graphics allows you to focus on the puzzle

• Connect to detailed game description and playing tips right from the app

• Turn sounds on and off

• Game timer keeps you engaged

• Exclusive "Twister" level makes playing even more fun! The twister periodically snaps one of the links, pitting your solving speed against the wrath of mother nature.

How to play:

The board is a dotted grid with some of the cells containing hints.

The hints are numbers between 0 and 3, which indicate how many segments should be marked around that particular cell. Beat the puzzle by accurately completing a single loop while adhering to the numbers on the board.

LoopMaster contains complete description, instructions and playing tips.

The puzzles in this game are the creation of Atanas Georgiev, who also operates the popular site

Other names for the game are: Slitherlink, Fences, Takegaki, Loop the Loop, Loopy, Ouroboros, Suriza and Dotty Dilemma. This logic puzzle was developed by publisher Nikoli.

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